Biorepair Plus Pro White Toothpaste -75ml

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Biorepair Plus Pro White repairs the enamel and restores teeth's natural whiteness. Biorepair Plus Pro White is the only toothpaste that contains microRepair, which contains active biomimetic hydroxyapatite micro particles that are similar in composition to the teeth's natural structure. The micro particles are able to penetrate into the teeth's micro-breaks to repair damaged enamel and occlude dentinal tubules.
Every day our teeth are subjected to mechanical (toothbrush) and chemical wear (acidic food) which cause imperceptible micro-breaks where plaque, bacteria and pigments can accumulate. In the long term this can cause tooth decay, deterioration, loss of brightness and teh onset of sensitivity and gum problems. Biorepair Plus Pro White:
- is the only toothpaste based on microRepair made of the same enamel substance as the teeth's natural structure
- deposits an additional 50% of enamel on the teeth which prevents erosion and repairs the enamel
- thanks to whitening PVP etchnology, it captures the coloring substances before they deposit onto the teeth
- restores teeth's enamel health and natural whiteness.
Biorepair Plus Pro White toothpaste can also be used by children under six years without the supervision of an adult, as it does not contain fluoride.

  • Pro White toothpaste: restores teeth natural whiteness
  • No abrasive innovative formula: SLS free, parabens free, titanium dioxide free, fluoride free
  • The only toothpaste based on microRepair, made of the same enamel substance
  • Medical device, enamel repair: high concentration formula with 200mg/g of microRepair
  • Biorepair by Coswell, Italian innovations since 1961

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