Oral B Electric Toothbrush PRO1000(JP version)

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  • Equipped with a newly developed multi-action brush for slumping
  • High tartar removal capability, and the prescription sensor allows you to brush your gums without damaging your gums (automatically stops up/down vibrations when excessive pressure is applied).
  • [World recognized, 3D Pulse Action] The unique technology of Oral B is brown with the ultimate brushing effect and a gentler to the teeth and gums. Approximately 40,000 upward vibrations per minute make the tarp floats firmly, removing the tartar that floats with approximately 8,800 times per minute (when using clean mode). (*The International Medical Technology Appraisal Agency (British Headquartered Medical Technical Assessment Agency) conducted over 3,500 clinical tests, and the only 3D pulse action has been found that it has been effective in removing plaque and reducing gumbulitis compared to hand brushing. Rated for 2003, 2005)
  • Achieve oral care that cannot be done by hand brushing: For those concerned about 5 signs of intrusion (bleeding, breath odor, neevana, gums, and sensitivity to perception).
  • 2 Modes: Clean (removing tarts) and gum care (gum massage).

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