Cougar Hydraulic Vortex CF-V12SET-RGB HPB 120 mm Cooling Kit with Tri-Directional Lighting and Remote Control (3 Pack)

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  • Tri-directional lighting: in, front, out. The Vortex RGB hpb 120 fans’ 18 LEDs produce a bright spectacle in three directions. While most other backlit fans project their light only inwards and forward, Vortex RGB hpb 120 gives you a 180º viewing angle, covering all the area visible from outside your PC case.
  • Patented frame Design. Optimized cooling (PWM). hydro-dynamic Bearing (HDB). the hydro-dynamic Bearing technology brings a triple benefit: increases the fan's useful life, allows it to operate with less noise and minimizes heat generation.
  • 100 effects with Remote Control: customize your build’s appearance and change It at will with more than 100 impressive lighting effects. Choose colors, lighting patterns, brightness and speed with the included wireless controller and make your build truly yours!
  • Make it bigger: the 3 included Vortex RGB hpb 120 fans can by themselves create a truly magical atmosphere, but some users want even more. Fear not! The COUGAR core box supports up to 8 RGB fans, and 4 RGB LED strips, enough to make your PC overflow with light.
  • Support for direct motherboard connection: connect the Vortex RGB hpb 120 fans directly to the 5V RGB connectors of compatible motherboards and control them through its RGB system.

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