Sato - ACESS E Toothpaste For Gum Periodontal Disease, 100g

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  • Due to the blood circulation promoting action of Vitamin E, it is pink and approaches the target of the ideal gums.
  • Contains 3 kinds of natural herbs (chamomile, ratania, myrrh).
  • It exerts excellent antibacterial activity against "anaerobic bacteria" that cause periodontal disease and gingival inflammation, and suppresses gum bleeding, swelling, bad breath, etc.
  • No abrasive added. It does not leave the source of tartar in the gap between the teeth and gums (periodontal pocket).
  • A fruit mint flavor that is easy to use even for first-time users.

Usage / Dose
Apply an appropriate amount to a toothbrush and brush it twice a day (morning and evening) to massage the gums.

Relief of various symptoms of periodontitis and periodontal disease (stickiness of the mouth, itching of the gums, swelling, redness, swelling from the gums, bleeding, bad breath / halitosis)

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