Tenikle v2 - Flexible Tripod

Color: Blue
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TENIKLE TO THE RESCUE. At some point, you've needed someone to hold your phone. Maybe you were trying to take group photo, maybe capturing sweet dance moves, maybe watching a show on a long road trip, maybe navigating a bicycle through a new city... Whatever you're up to, we'll hold your screens & lenses so you can do more with your hands. Includes: 5-Year Manufacturer Warranty, Endless ways to use, environmentally friendly silicone. —SUCTION UP TO 4 HOURS —

  • 12 PRODUCTS IN 1: ✦ Not only a TRIPOD, but also a Car Mount, Selfie Stick, Tablet Mount, Bike Holder, Phone Stand, Hanging Holder, Wrap Mount, Steady Cam, Suction Mount, Bendy Camera Tripod, Universal Lazy Mount, plus it's a Fidget Toy :)
  • EASY SHOOTING: ✦ Capture awesome content on the go, & have a blast doing it. This ultimate creative tool is like a camera crew that fits in your pocket.
  • MOUNT ANYWHERE: ✦ Like A Third Hand for all of your screens, Cell Phones, GoPro Hero Cameras, Tablets, Flashlights, Speakers, Whatever.
  • GO ANYWHERE: ✦ Since it's so handy we made it travel size -OR- Roll it up to fit in your purse or pocket. A super portable attachment for any device.
  • POWERFUL SUCTION: ✦ Suction to non-porous, GLASS-LIKE surfaces. Including SMOOTH PHONE CASES, ceramic, gloss metal, some painted woods (Not Magic — it does not stick to dashboards, leather, or cats). Oh yeah... It's also indestructible INCLUDES 5YR WARRANTY.

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